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Turn Off The Shyness, Make Up For The Silence [entries|friends|calendar]

Fate Is An♥Elegant

Cold Hearted♥Whore

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Have another drink and drive yourself home. [Wednesday//
October 19th@1:41PM]
[ mood | Bored/Alittle Annoyed ]

                              So this is who you really are
                                      To think i trusted you
                                        And now your words mean nothing to me
                                            'Cause your actions speak the truth
                                       I thought that i knew you
                                   Somehow you fooled me
                               It's sad to see what you've turned into
                         Don't ask me who you really are

♥Take Heart, Sweetheart [Monday//
October 10th@5:53PM]
                                                          The sky will never look the same again......

Friends Only [Tuesday//
July 26th@1:35PM]
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